Loyalty Reward Points

Reward Points Make Discounts

Every time you make a purchase with us at Sunshine Bits, you earn reward points. If you decide to return to us again in the future, as a sign of our gratitude for your loyalty, you can use your points to receive product discounts

2 Ways to Get Paid

1. 5% OFF voucher, every £100 spent

That's right, for every £100 spent, we'll give you a 5% discount coupon to use on the Sunshine Bits website. If you spend £200, we'll give you 2 x 5% OFF voucher codes etc. Only one voucher can be redeemed per future transaction.

2. 1 reward point per £100 spent online

That's right, for every £100 you spend online, we'll add one reward point to your account. This might seem like small reward, but each and every reward point has a monetary value of £1.

Delivery Method

1. Vouchers will be emailed to you as an e-Coupon, which contains your unique reward code for redemption online.

2. Points will be added to your account and can be viewed/redeemed by logging into your Sunshine Bits account.

Redeem at Checkout

To redeem your reward(s), simply enter the unique e-Coupon code into the 'Apply Discount Code' section, or spend your reward points in the 'Use Reward Points' section of the shopping basket page.

Any Questions?

Call us on 0844 870 8607 or email sales@sunshinebits.com. Happy shopping.