Giant Chess Pieces - Plastic - 120cm

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Giant Chess Pieces - Plastic - 120cm

Uber Chess is our largest plastic chess set! Suitable for all ages, Uber Chess is a fantastic and fun way for all the family to play chess. Due to the size of the pieces there is no need to bend to pick up the pieces .

Not only will the pieces look great on your lawn, they will provide hours of fun and are particularly popular for garden parties, social events, hotel grounds and pub beer gardens.

The Uber Chess pieces consist of 4 pieces: The base, 2 x extenders and the top piece. Simply screw all 4 pieces together to make the Uber Chess Set with the King standing at an impressive 120cm in height. You can also create the Giant chess pieces or Mega Chess pieces by omitting one or both of the extenders.

The Uber Chess pieces are made from durable PVC that is both UV treated and waterproof. The pieces weigh approximately 1.5kg each unfilled and are fine unfilled in all but strong winds. The bases also allow for water or sand to be added for weight if required.

The bases of all the Giant Chess pieces are 22cm in diameter.

The Uber Chess Pieces includes:

  • 2 x Kings – 120cm in Height
  • 2 x Queens 118cm in Height
  • 4 x Bishops 114cm in Height
  • 4 x Knights 105cm in Height
  • 4 x Rooks 102cm in Height
  • 16 x Pawns 102cm in Height

Please note that Giant Chess do not include a playing surface.

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