Sumo Rockstone Hammock Stand by Amazonas

Product Code: AZ-4027000
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Sumo Rockstone Hammock Stand by Amazonas

The little brother of Sumo Grande: Adjustable length and therefore suitable for all smaller AMAZONAS hammocks. Small packing volume and easy to assemble without tools.

AMAZONAS has developed a special coating for its metal frames: RockStone. It looks as impressive as granite and, due to its structure, it is more resistant to scratches than regular powder coatings.

Material: powder-coated steel (colour: RockStone)
Packaging: Cardboard box with detailed product sticker
Can be combined with: Hammocks with a total lengths of 270 - 320 cm
Brasilia, Aruba, Samba, Tonga, Lambada, Miami, Salsa, Tahiti, Tobago


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