Brasil Gigante Cafe Hanging Chair by Amazonas

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Brasil Gigante Cafe Hanging Chair by Amazonas

Probably the largest hanging chair in the world. With its huge dimensions, it`s probably better described as a hammock with a back support built in.

The Brasil Gigante uses the same robust fabric as our XXXL Gigante hammock and each comes with a strong 1.40 m wood bar with a special patented design that secures the ropes and prevents sliding toward the center.

Material: 85% cotton (recycled), 15 % polyester natura hanging chairs: 100 % cotton (recyled)
Packaging: Box with view window
Can be combined with: Frames: Atlas, Luna, Palmera
Accessories: Power Hook, Smartrope, Microrope, Jumbo, Swivel, Sono, Liana
Total Width: 140 cm

Surface Area: 200 x 140cm
Weight: 3.9 Kg

Max Weight Capacity: 200 Kg


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